Pere Colom

Sóller, Mallorca, 1955

From his teens Pere Colom became totally dedicated to music,
playing in several rock bands -Offbeats/SexBeatles-.
He collaborated with the Kevin Ayers Band for seven years.

In 1985, after some magazines such as PHOTO
showed interest and published his photographic work,
Colom set up his own studio.
He worked in Fashion, Publicity and Interior Design.

At the early 90's he began to exhibit his
artistic works in Art Galleries, Art Centers and Museums.


1982 Galería Latina, Palma

1989 "Arquitectura a Mallorca, Architects Association, Palma

1991 "Nuevos Colorantes", Travelling Exhibition, AFP Publicidad y

Moda, España.

1992 "6x6 Sex, Galería Joan Guaita, Palma

"Novas Imatges", Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra, Palma.

1993 "Nuevos Colorantes"

"6x6 $", Galería Joan Guaita, Palma.

"Sonimag", AFP Publicidad y Moda, Barcelona.

"Contrastes", Galería Xavier Fiol". Palma.

1994 "6x6 Mort", Galería Joan Guaita, Palma.

1996 ARCO 96, Galería Altair/Xavier Fiol, Madrid.

"El Silenci del Temps", Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra, Palma.

1997 Fabien Fryns Contemporary Art, Marbella.

"9 Días", Galería Altair, Palma.

1998 Centro Cultura Paco Rabal, Aguilas.

2000 Arte Santander, exterior/interior.

2000 Fabien Fryns Contemporary Art, Marbella.

2001 Fotografia Contemporanìa a Mallorca.


1990 Kodak Professional Photographers Showcase, EEUU.

1992 1er Premio, Col'legi D'Arquitectes de Baleares, Palma.

1993 Lux de Plata Editorial, AFP Publicidad y Moda, Barcelona.

1994 Lux de Plata Moda, AFP Publicidad y Moda, Barcelona

2000 1er premio, Premio de Fotografia Zenón Quintana.


1996 "El Silenci del Temps"

2005 "I love Mallorca because... "


1996 Testimoni La Caixa

Caixa de Balears Sa Nostra

Polaroid International

1997 Deutche Bank

Pedro Serra

Andy & Ola

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